Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trying to Conquer a Fear

One of the things I love about Spring is all of the colorful party ideas, themes, and celebrations. However, if there is one thing that I hate fear most, its bugs! Unfortunately,  the Spring brings Butterfly birthday parties and Ladybug Luncheons. Things that I could never participate in because I have a HUGE phobia of all creepy crawlers (and fliers). 

I see all the gorgeous decorations and ideas, but hate to see these supposedly graceful winged insects and cringe. I hope to get over this fear someday, but for now its paralyzing. 
Despite this fear, I found these gorgeous party ideas and decorations.

This hanging butterfly (also available in orange, pictured above) comes from Save On Crafts. Its perfect for a fun eye-catching hanging decoration. 

This Grass Patch comes from Social Couture, perfect for creating a Spring/Summer feel. use this for a unique centerpiece.

These Butterflies on Stems come from Hobby Lobby (one of my obsessions) and comes in a variety of colors. Stick these in the grass to make the centerpiece pop.
Butterfly on Stem

Use snazzy serve ware and cutlery like these paper plates from Party City.
If you're doing a dinner party, use these gorgeous butterfly place cards from Timeless Paper for a sophisticated spin. 
Butterfly Place Cards (tent style) - set of 40
For favor ideas, use colorful jelly beans, gumballs, and rainbow lollipops. 

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