Friday, November 20, 2009

Color Me Bold: Lisa Frank Inspired Party

I was in the store the other day and saw a set of Lisa Frank folders. Aside from swooning right there in aisle four, I became inspired to post this bright, bold post inspired by the artist!

This is a fun theme for children's parties, especially ones that include arts and craft activities.

Use bright shades of purple, pink, blue, and yellow to unify splashes of color for your party.

Guests will surely love this rainbow Sprite cake. I found the recipe over at Onomicon for all those brave chefs out there. Find it
here. Rainbow lollipops and rainbow sherbet also provide treats for the mouth and eyes!

Give attendees gift bags filled with Lisa Frank
activity books, pencils, rainbow stretch bracelets, and porcupine balls.

Make funky centerpieces with these button bouquets. These can be found on Etsy. You can check out my earlier post on button themed party ideas

Music playlist inspired by this post:
Prince "Pink Cadillac"
Prince "Purple Rain"
Aerosmith "Pink "
Beyonce "Greenlight"
Kelly Clarkson "Behind these Hazel Eyes"
Beatles "Blackbird" <-- one of my faves! Donovan "Mellow Yellow" Michael Jackson "Black or White"

I am personally grateful to this artist. I used these folders to learn about aesthetics, especially how to draw. Earlier on in elementary school, we would showcase our Lisa Frank school supplies proudly. Any girly girl growing up in the 90s should understand! By the way, this marks her 30th anniversary, congratulations!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cute as a Button

Celebrate your little one's birthday or arrival in style with this "Cute as a Button" theme. Here is theme that is ideal for a baby shower or early birthday party that you can do on a relatively small budget.

You can create garland like the one pictured here by cutting flowers out of felt material. Secure the floral layers with a hot glue gun (3 to 4 max). Attach felt flowers to ribbon, which can be tied to arrangements for hanging. Recommended for mantles, doorways, and chairs.

Place picture frames with your adorable guest-of-honor on tables and on the walls around the party. This can be another crafty decorative project, glue assorted buttons on the frames. Accent with ribbon to make those pictures pop.

Make guests comfortable with these pillows (pictured right) by Letter Perfect Design. Place on couches, sofas, and arm chairs. You can contact the designer for custom pillows. Pick a design that incorporates personalization by using your little one's first initial.

Make it a tea time affair with this adorable and affordable centerpiece by Really Bad Kitty. Place atop a pink table runner sprinkled with buttons. You can also add coiled floral reeds or curled colored pipe cleaner to spruce up your attention getting centerpiece.

NOTE: If small children will be in attendance, you should secure the buttons with glue dots or a glue gun to avoid choking.

Want a unique favor? Try these flower magnets (pictured below), also by Really Bad Kitty. Couple with a personalized card thanking each guest for attending. Serve brownie pops for a tasty alternative to a traditional cake. Check out my post on the benefits of these unique desserts here.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Winter Wonderland Tickets are Available Now!

Tickets are here! Make this holiday magical for your loved ones by attending Winter Wonderland. The holiday themed event will take place at the RH School of Performing Arts, located at 2542 East 83 Street, on Sunday, December 13 from 3pm to 6pm.

Check out the :30 spot below

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ticket Sales Go On Sale This Sunday!

Wrightfully Social has received overwhelming support and interest in Winter Wonderland. For more information about the event, click here.

Originally , tickets were slated to be sold on November 27, but I have decided to accept ticket orders this Sunday, November 15!

I look forward to seeing you and the kiddies there! Again, thanks for the support with this endeavor!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Bring Out Your Party's Wild Side

I think I was inspired by my Halloween costume (I was a cat of some sort). For the purrrfect affair, liven up a small gathering (i.e. dinner party) with these party suggestions.
You can find animal print fabric from just about any fabric and craft store. I would go with a print that has brown or black shades in it. Tone down wild table settings with this brown suede table runner (pictured below, far left) from Plum Party.

Place these customizable candle holders and votives (pictured below, left) from Shindigz on your table(s). Use small bamboo plants to complement the tablescape. You can also dress up chairs with Gossamer paper (pictured below, right), also from from Shindigz. Gossamer has many uses, consider it for table draping or as a "ferocious" garland. They also have leopard and zebra print. I would suggest mixing it up by alternating chair ties.

You can find these animal print lanterns (pictured below, far right) at World Market. They are perfect for adding some animal flare and subdued lighting to your event. you can also find affordable paper lanterns at the Paper Lantern Store. Bundling and mixing the patterns with solid colors will tame a motif that lets the imagination go wild!