Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Basket of Greek Love: DIY Instructions

When it comes to Greek paraphernalia, you can never have too much! There is always a hat, shirt, jacket that provides the opportunity to brandish letters proudly. Last year, I made this basket for my friend with all the basis Greek letter items to begin her journey.

Celebrate Singledom Chicago-Style

Do you have a friend getting over a breakup or a divorce? Give your buddy a party she won't forget with this jailbreak themed party to celebrate her new singledom in a way that will uplift and tickle her spirit!

This theme is based on Chicago, the broadway hit, about women grandstanding in court and dreaming of stardom as they try to gain their freedom from jail.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fangbanger Bash True Blood Finale Watch Party

Gone are the days of garlic-hating, cross-fearing vampires! A new era of vampires has emerged, sexier and cooler than ever. Enter, True Blood, one of my favorite shows on TV! With the end of season 2 quickly approaching, audiences should celebrate in an original way... with a Fang-Banging Bash!
I think that this affair can work for any vamp-themed movie night, but I am planning for the True Blood Season 2 finale on September 13th. Lovers of Charlaine Harris' books can also use this to gather like-minded literary fans.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Prince Appreciation Party

This post is dedicated to my cousin (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) and good friend who just might be Prince's biggest fans! If you ever plan on throwing a regal party for a Prince fan, read the rest!
Obviously, I will recommend prominent purple decorations. Use various shades of gold (antique, polished, etc) to complement the purple, we don't want guests to think they are at a purple people eaters convention! Use these fabulously psychedelic plates and cutlery from Plum Party to punch up gold tablecloths!