Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fangbanger Bash True Blood Finale Watch Party

Gone are the days of garlic-hating, cross-fearing vampires! A new era of vampires has emerged, sexier and cooler than ever. Enter, True Blood, one of my favorite shows on TV! With the end of season 2 quickly approaching, audiences should celebrate in an original way... with a Fang-Banging Bash!
I think that this affair can work for any vamp-themed movie night, but I am planning for the True Blood Season 2 finale on September 13th. Lovers of Charlaine Harris' books can also use this to gather like-minded literary fans.
Stock your "Fangtasia" bar to see what characters come out as friend or foe to vamps. True Blood lovers can sip True Blood, the official soft drink of the hit HBO series by the same name beginning September 8th (you can pre-order on the web now). You can also serve a chilled Bloody Maryann (word play on one of the show’s most mysterious characters) as an awesome substitute to the artifical blood or V (depending on your poison). Do a traditional Bloody Mary drink, garnish with a celery stalk or serve a bloody wine sangria with lemon or orange garnish.
Set up your "Fangtasia" bar on serving tables covered with these gothic tablecloths from Windy City Novelties.Set up a separate “Merlotte’s” area for food. The show's Bon Temp bar has a homey feel so there is no need to have a fancy menu. Make "bite-sized servings" of burgers, fried macaroni, shrimp kabobs, or a staple bowl of potato chips depending on your budget.Fang sympathizing guests will enjoy these fangs, I saw these on Windy City Novelties (This will also make for a memorable or blackmail-worthy photo album!) Place them atop red velvet cupcakes. Drip strawberry or cherry filling on the fang tips for a fangtastic touch!

For those not tempted by creatures of the night, provide a lighter platter of veggies and fruit for Fellowship of the Light followers. Place fruit on platters like these large square chargers from Plum Party. (Remember silver is like kryptonite to vampires, real Trubbies will appreciate this added detail!)
Also found these awesome napkins on Windy City Novelties, but if they are too Halloweenish for your taste, then I would go with deep red to break up the dark motif.

If you need music to play after the finale, or throughout the gathering, click here to find music from each episode. For a truly extraordinary affair, learn palm reading and tarot cards to get in a Sookie Stackhouse state of mind!
My favorite song from the show is Timebomb by Beck and its infamous theme song.

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