Friday, October 2, 2009

Cute+Edible=Brownie Pops

Occasionally, I come across something that is truly inspirational and I must type my fingertips off to blab about it! Party City has launched Favors In The City, a website dedicated to contemporary favors, favor kits, and party accessories. This is a great resource for people planning weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations on a budget.

During my browsing, I found these Brownie Pops. These chocolate dipped designs are elegant and the favors make for a unique treat for every occasion. The pops are wrapped in cellophane, but you get the option to pick out a ribbon of your choice.

Good idea, but too formal? These treats aren't limited to weddings. Try these animal themed brownie pops for a child's "farmhouse-themed" birthday parties. Pick up chick and sheep covered pops for a Easter themed celebration.

NOTE: When ordering edibles (especially chocolate) online, make sure you budget for express delivery to avoid melting and ensure some semblance of freshness.

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