Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Stoogie Social...This One's For The Guys!

Men like to party too! They just don't need all the bells and whistles that us ladies require for a fabulous event. So why not host a Stoogie Social! This would be a great affair for a milestone birthday, the celebration of a child, a promotion, or something pivotal in Mr. Simple Pleasure's life.

Illinois state law prohibits smoking in most business establishments, so be sure to get permission from the venue or host.

In order to pull off this gathering, I would recommend you consult a cigar retailer. Apparently, good cigars are easily imitated, but never duplicated. See if they are willing to staff the event, possibly provide a demonstration or brief cigar overview.

(From L - R: About Cake, Pink Cake Box, and Cake Alchemy from WeTV)

I feel that cakes can be a dessert, but also function as a centerpiece. Model the cake after a humidor or incorporate the cigar into the theme of the party as the left and center pictures above. The humidor (a cigar case that keeps them fresh) cake, pictured above on the right, was a featured engagement cake, the groom was a beer lover, so that was also incorporated into the flavor, giving the guests a surprise and added "wow-factor."

I am admittedly not a fan of beer and most alcoholic beverages. However, in researching the stoogie, beer is a good companion to a good cigar. Click here for a brief lesson on pairing the two. I also found that chocolate and fruit also compliment cigars really well. Simple Cuban bites will be great, following simple cheese and fruit trays.

I found these napkins on Plum Party, they have a vintage, but masculine look to them. If the guest of honor hangs with a bunch of "suits," consider this motif.

Set the mood with light-hearted jazz and contemporary jazz. Provide chocolate treats. I found chocolate shot glasses on Plum Party, as well. This may be an interesting spin on your average shots, use them to compliment a dark liquor.
Depending on your budget, have cigar parlor staffing. They can assist in handing out cigars as well as cutting and lighting. (The costume above is a Playboy costume) Otherwise, decorate a basket and place atop a nicely finished wooden table.

---Posted by your Wrightfully Socialite, Brittany

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