Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wrightfully Social Fundraising

Last week I was super busy wrapping my head around two fundraisers...back to back! The first event was a silent auction on Thursday to benefit the Greater Westside Community Coalition at Cog Hill Country Club. The auction block was outside so we had to be careful with the placement of the auction items, especially since it rained! Supporters signed up for bid numbers so people wouldn't know who they were bidding against. The winning bids were announced at the end of the event. The fundraiser also represents my first official client!
We received donations from Southwest Airlines, Chicago Bulls' Derek Rose and Ben Gordon, and Flirty Girl Fitness among others.

I also arranged a fundraiser for P.U.M.P.S. on Friday at Sensual Steps Shoe Salon. I didn't have to do too much work because the venue is sooo beautiful! I used pink tablecloths and sprinkled silk rose petals atop glass tables. Joann Tate, one of Chicago's Cooking Divas cooked up vegetarian appetizers while Wings of Flavor provided organic chicken wings. We also received popcorn from Queenie's Court, absolutely the best popcorn I've ever had!
The party eventually turned into a shopping party! Party-goers admired the shoes so much, the owner had to come back (Nicole Jones pictured below, right)!

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