Monday, June 21, 2010

True Blood Watch Party

You might remember my post from last year on hosting a True Blood themed party. Well I hosted one for the June 13th premiere! The party easy to pull together since there were only eight guests. 

Although we didn't get a chance to play "Who Am I" I included the tip sheet below. When guest enter, pin a flash card with TB character names on the back of their shirt. Guests must figure out which character they are supposed to be by having other party goers talk to them as though they are that character. It makes a great icebreaker and allows for those that are not devout Truebies become familiar with the show.

A banner that reads "welcome" and door fringe graced the Fangastic celebration's entryway. I cut embossed circles out of scrapbooking paper and hot glued chipboard letters on top of them. I connected the circles with lace. You can get door fringe from Party City. 

I created a second banner reading "True Blood Watch Party" using the same method to decorate the wall behind the TV screen.
I hung fangs and streamers from the ceiling using red ribbon. 
As a centerpiece, I wrapped this hurricane vase with scrapbooking paper, lace and chip board letters that read "fangs."  I filled the vase with beads and silk flowers. I draped fangs from the branches.

We had "suckulent" bites as well! My good friend Cassie and her mom prepared the main course consisting of a variety of Cajun chicken buffalo wings, artichoke dip and chips, veggies and cream cupcakes. We also had strawberry licorice and Hot Tamales. 

Guests also sipped on blood red fruit punch. 

Guest also received fangs as favors. They make the perfect photo op (and blackmail)! 

So what do you think of the show so far?


  1. this looks great Britt! I love the ice breaker game!

  2. Wow! This looks great! I love the ice breaker game!


  3. Thanks! Fun times were definitely had by all!