Friday, July 30, 2010

Get Wiggy With It!

Yea... I know that was a complete cheesy post title, but that's how I roll :-D ::combing bangs over my forehead to hide the big "DORK" stamp::  Anyways, I was watching the ever-quirky Wendy "How You Doin?!" Williams Show and she was talking about throwing parties for weaves and wigs and that got me thinking about how fun that could be! 

This is a fun theme for an over-the-top birthday or bachelorette party. I'm one for dramatics, I think it would be cool to debut a new haircut! 

Photo Credit: Party City
Ask guests to come wearing a fun wig, I'd recommend Party City or your local party store for a colorful assortment as well. 

I am always a fan of rainbow color cake, but you can also do cupcakes with a variety of colors. I featured Omnomicon's recipe, its delish!

Photo Credit: Glamour
Go all out with decorations. Get door fringe for entryways, use brightly colored plates, napkins and table cloths, and colorful shot glasses.

I have found that people smile at the corniest details. This is a theme that can be fun and allow you to really use your imagination. 

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