Friday, July 30, 2010

Wrightfully Certified Bakery & Themed Baby Shower

I am blogging about cake for selfish reason, 1) because I have a  hankering for some and 2) I wanted to share my BFF's baby shower cake! When I designed it, I never thought it would come to fruition, let alone taste so yummy if constructed so beautifully. 

Then I remembered Pierre's Bakery, where I tasted an infamous Atomic Cake (loaded with fruit) years earlier, and stopped in to their south Chicago location to see if a structured cake was even possible. Yes, it is! In fact, the baker was so enthusiastic to make this cake, that he added working spotlights! The cake was a deliciously moist red velvet that proved to be as delectable as it was a work of art. 

For that, I have to declare this family-owned bakery WRIGHTFULLY CERTIFIED! For more information on this bakery and their four Chicagoland locations, click here.

With the right presentation; food can make a great, memorable centerpiece. For my bestie's shower, we hosted a "Star is Born" theme. Here are some ideas to introduce your "star-in-the-making":

Aside from the work-of-art cake, our decorations came from Party City. Mostly wall decorations, gold and black balloons, and scene setters. Of course, no Hollywoodesque party would be complete without a red carpet arrival!

We were lucky enough to have our own shining store. However, we also included some revamped baby shower games. To continue the star-studded theme, we played black Hollywood trivia, sang "Baby" karaoke, and of course trivia about the mom and dad.
Danny, our very own diva

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