Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chocolate Cupcakes with a Cherry on Top!

Last night, I was CRAVING something sweet, but since I gave up ice cream for Lent it feels more like withdrawal! So I scrambled and pulled out a bunch of stuff out of my cabinets to find that I have an abundance of flour, chocolate, and cherries!

I used Hersey's recipe for Perfectly Chocolate Cake because it's absolutely delish! The cupcakes are super moist and the cherry on top just adds to these indulgent cupcakes. 

The recipe yields about 30 cupcakes, but (as you can see) I was a little heavy-handed. I only got 29, had I been thoughtful about divvying up the mix, probably could have gotten 35-40.


I cheated by using Duncan Hines cake frosting since I didn't have any powdered sugar. 

I made it work though. This frosting suffices and it was available. It's a bit thicker than I like, I'd suggest making your own. Plus, the frosting soaks in some of the cherry juice:-)

Lessons Learned:

  • My mix was slightly watery, so I was scared that my cupcakes wouldn't come out well. However, chocolate is interesting, it behaves differently. Not only did they come out great, they came out moist and fluffy
  • You don't need the full 1/2 cup of vegetable oil

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