Monday, March 14, 2011

Puppy Love...A Grrrl's Best's Friend

I know you're probably thinking, "where have you been for the past six month?" Well:

  • I completed my master's degree, officially have a Master's of Sciences in Integrated Marketing Communications from Roosevelt University:-)
  • Went to Hawaii as a graduation/birthday/Christmas trip EVER
  • Slowly adapted to a single lifestyle. I even considered chronicling my efforts in a book...
  • Haven't been in the kitchen as much as I wanted. Found out that my oven doesn't work, tried to replicate my infamous piña colada cupcakes to no avail. I eventually baked them over a friend's house and they came out perfect. 
  • My best friend, Lucky, a German/Belgian Shepard mix of 13 years passed. Don't think I'll ever have another pet like him.
Couple of days ago, I wondered into a pet store to waste some time and play with puppies. I played with a Siberian Husky that was too cute for words. It wasn't five minutes before he tried to eat my purse, shoes, and scarf (which caused me to choke). The nerve, an outfit is all about the accessories! Needless to say, we handed that him back pretty quickly.
Photo Credit: Say Anything
Then I came across an adorable Boston Terrier (like the one pictured above) that melted my heart. I knew at that moment, I had to bring her home. I'm praying on becoming a pooch parent in the next couple of weeks. Her name? An homage to one of my favorite movies, Everything is Illuminated, Sammy Davis Junior Jr., the Seeing Eye B!tch.

I think one of the best ways to welcome any new family member into your home is with tons of positive energy. What better way than a dog themed welcoming party.

Just like any housewarming or baby shower, consider registry for your new addition. Put affordable things on your list like "doodie" bags, leashes, bowls, and toys. I've been eyeing a leopard print doggy bed myself...

Puppy Chow
Whether you have a sassy dog or a loyal pup, guests will adore "pupcakes" with these cute cupcake toppers from Meri Meri. Also consider baking cookies using a doggie bone-shaped cookie cutter (you can get these just about anywhere). As a precaution, I'd avoid having chocolate anywhere on the menu, just in case your dog gets too frisky or a guest drops food. Wouldn't want a dog getting into that!

Make it a Puppy Play Date
If you don't mind puppy-proofing opening your home to other dogs, have activities to help socialize your new friend. If you're hosting other puppies, set up a play pen with chew toys. This will also provide plenty of adorable photo ops!

Really In the Dog-House
Creates signage with paw prints. 
  • In the bathroom, hang a sign that reads "wipe your paws"
  • Create banners that read "woof," "bark," "paw-rty time!"
  • Label food platters fruit and veggie "Bites"
Give a Dog a Bone
Want a creative way to give back? Put a "Pup Philanthropy" sign on a jar. Ask guest to make a small donation to benefit a local shelter. 

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