Monday, March 21, 2011

Pretty Little Party

We all have our guilty pleasures, mine include leopard print, ice cream, quesadillas, and ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars. I've been in bed all day watching the PLL marathon that leads up to the season finale at 7pm. I got inspired by their different personalities, try these tips for a fun watch party, girls' night in, or a LBD friendly gathering.

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars
Let's get to know the girls first. The characters might sound a lot of your guest list. Then check out some Liar inspired party suggestions.

Emily: athletic, military brat. Have premium water on tap, stock your bar with premium elixirs such as Voss, Fiji. Pellegrino, and various Izze flavors.
Spencer: preppy, A-typical (I relate most to her). Stack books and apples around to serve as decorations. These shouldn't be hard to find around the house so you can devote more time and money to food! On the show, she takes pride in her achievements, you can buy trophies to hand out to "Future Trophy Wives" friends or as a take-away for coming out. 

Hanna: popular, rich. Add some serious "ice" to drinks by using gem-shaped ice trays. You can also add rhinestones to bling out table settings. Hanna also talks about her past "indulgences" on the show, provide sweets and delectable comfort foods.
Aria: rocker-chic, creative. Adds accents of blue as an homage to our brooding beauty's Gothic locks. You can offset with black lace as table runners, garland, or ribbon.

Allison and the mysterious A: Illusive and scary. Serving libations? Try adding dirty martinis or a bloody Marys to add PLL flair. With the queen bee missing in action, try placing tiaras on guests of honor.  Make your party a hit by creating a scavenger hunt or trivia based game in which guest must figure out characters or find out who A is.

Here's a PLL inspired playlist:
Beyonce - "Beautiful Liar"
Ray Orbison "Pretty Woman"
Estelle "Pretty Please"
Bittersweet "Dirty Laundry"
Mr. Hudson "White Lies"
Keri Hilson "Pretty Girl Rock"
Lady Gaga "Beautiful Dirty Rich"

So who else is watching the Pretty Little Liars finale tonight?
Photo Credits: Pretty Little Liars 

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